I expressed my sincere thanks to all our customers for patronizing our products.
We, Sam-Joong Trading Industrial Co. LTD., have been and are supplying the filter bags and filter cloths of the industrial purpose cloths uniquely during last 40 years.

In order to solve the pollution problems to be increased day by day in accordance with the development of the domestic fundamental industries such as the exhaust of resources and the outflow of waste waters as the purpose of environment protection along with the recycle of the valuable materials, we had replaced the foreign-made filter bags for the bituminous coal with the filter bags developed by ourselves under our continual products developments research and are dedicated to the pollution prevention industry to maintain the clean atmosphere and moreover to make better living society circumstances.

As we bear deeply in mind that the pollution prevention industry and the maintenance of clean atomosphere are our Sam-Joong's obligation and responsibility for the devotion to our industries, all of our Sam-Joong families will do make the best sincerity and the heart and soul.

Thank you