Characteristics of Samjoong Filter Bag
Filter bag has the purpose for both return of valuable materials nand protection of environment and is being diversified at the selection of facilities and filter cloth in compliance with the development of key industries.

As the filter cloth of filter bag is varied dependent on the equipments of facilities, the method of dust collection and rapping method and the filtration velocity, customers should select the filter cloth with the superior collection efficiency at low filtration resistance under considering the character of dust gas, temperature, quantity of moisture, mesh of dust and the characters of abrasion, anti-static electricity and adherence.

Filter cloth of filter bag is clssified to the uses for low temperature of under 80, middle temperature of under 130, low high temperature of 130~160, high temperature of 170~200 and extra high temperature of 200~250 and is used as the raw material of filtration being classified to natural fiber, chemical fiber and mineral fiber.

We are providing the most proper goods suitable for all conditions of both chemical and physical properties to our customers on the base of our technique experiences for last
31years, both perfect selection of goods and development of new products and site investigation. Also, we are supplying the good qualities to our customers as the leading activity in our field with our up-to-date sewing facilities and techniques.

Present Filter Bag
Previous Filter Bag
Collection Efficiency
99.99 Over

1. Revolutional Collection Efficiency

As we making the fine meshes on the surface from the complex mixed punching with fiber of less 3 denier(45 m) as industrial special high tensile fiber produced from domestic maker, the collection efficiency is increased and it brings more effects to both return of raw materials and protection of contamination..

2. Preservation of Low Pressure

Our filter bag protects the increased pressure loss with the evenness of air permeability of scriem weaved precisely and both sides non-woven cloth mixed of fine cotton wool and keeps to get the low pressure and moreover removes the dust adhered on the surface and guarantee the low pressure loss(P) at long period use.

3. Excellent Collection Efficiency

Our filter bag has the collection efficiency to collect the less 1 m partly and is giving the effect on collection of valuable particles in various shapes. We will supply the most suitable
goods to customers production line with our recommended filter cloth to them.

4. Increase of Treated Filteration Volume

As it can be operated uniformly with low pressure loss from the correct selection of filter cloth, getting the more fast filtration speed is to control and increase the treated filtration
volume from the distribution of filter cloth raw materials and the special finishing treatment on the surface.

5. Excellent Economical Efficiency

As the filter cloth recommended by us under our exact diagnose's from the enough experiences, equipments and facilities are excellent for the rapping character and the dust
adherence, it has the high efficiency at the repeated operations and bring the saving of electricity from the fixture of operating pressure difference at low pressure loss and protect the loss from the frequent replacement works which come out the cost-save to our

6. Devotion to Increase of Productivity

Filter bag does the very important activity at the various process dealing with the particle dusts of the factor in contamination such as the crushing, mining and transportation.
The operation at low pressure loss with higher colelction efficiency will take larger portion for the efficiency of task force and the increase of productivity and this will depend on the selection of the correct filter cloth.

7. Up to date sewing Equipment and technique management

We, Sam-Joon growing up with the filter cloth production uniquely with 40 years experiences, has been getting the reputation of our technique, sewing technique and superior quality from all customers in both domestic and overseas of Germany and Asian countries with our specialized sewing techniques under the up-to-date facilities and up-graded management of work-forces. Also, our larger facilities to satisfy customers with the promptorder-made production and delivery is pushing us to the present development

8. A/S and Replacement of Filter Bag

We do make the periodical checking of the filter bag at request of custmers. As we are securing the enough engineer-forces for the technical diagnosis and the replacement of filter bag, we are always ready to make the replacement work, A/S and the maintenance.

9. Inspection and Seminar of Filter Bag

We are transferring all of informations about the filter bag, the filter cloth, the problems in use about the possible production items and other special data to all customers through the talking discussion with engineers at sites and the exchange of both technique and information.
We will be our pleasure to be of our above service to customers whenever.