Characteristics of Samjoong Filter Cloth
Physical Properties for good Filter Cloth Selection
1. Durable and stable in Quality
2. Effective Dust Collection
3. Smooth Dust Release
4. Low Pressure Drop
5. Pimensional Stability for Long time Use
6. Attached Par of upper and bottom to be manufactured uniformly
7. Resistant Property to stand absolutely against chemical reaction about acid and alkali
8. Selection of filter cloth dependent on applied temperature is very important
9. Anti-Static Electricity of Dust

Weaving method of Filter Cloth
SamJoong has been manufacuturing various filter clothes with 60 weaving machines for 40 years. There weaving methods are as followings.

¢¹ Twill Weave
The direction of a twill is generally described as a fabric is viewed looking along the warp. 'Twill right¡¯ then refers to the diagonal running upwards to the right, and ¡®twill left¡¯ to the diagonal moving upwards to the left. By analogy with twist direction in yarns, an alternative method is to describe ¡®twill right¡¯ as ¡®Z¡¯ and ¡®twill left¡¯ as ¡®S¡¯.
¢¹ Satin Weave
A two-bar warp-knitted fabric in which the front-bar underlaps are arranged with a view to producing a smooth surface.
¢¹ Plain Weave
The simplest of all weave interlacings in which the odd warp threads operate over one and under one weft thread throughout the fabric with the even warp threads reversing this order to under one, over one, throughout.